Movable object with Cast Static Shadow does not cast shadow


I was using ‘movable’ objects that I wanted to cast shadows on static objects. I thought the “Cast Static Shadow”-mark would allow exactly that, but I realized that it does not what I expected.

In the top-screenshot the basin is movable and has the ‘Cast Static Shadow’ turned on, but does not cast a shadow onto the static wall. The bottom screenshot shows the same situation, but this time I turned ‘light as if static’ on the basin on.

My assumption was, that this only meant, that the basin itself would get a lightmap, but not that it affects whether or not the basin casts shadows on other objects. Is this a bug or intended?

This behavior is seen on UE4.73 and on 4.5x.

if is movable you need a movable light. anyway I really like your bathroom

Thank you for the compliment on the bathroom.

To the topic, I read here ( Movable Light Mobility in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation ) that movable lights don’t do static shadows at all, so that can not be the solution, I think.
If it is true what you say, the ‘Cast Static Shadow’-mark would not have any functionality when setting the object to movable, but if so, it should not be selectable, right?

" None of the light they cast gets baked into the light maps, and currently they cannot have any indirect lighting."

Yes many…features are not working (apparently), Those features are for most of the time for when you want to exclude/include something ( like in 3ds max include/exclude lighting if you are familiar with max) So in your case put a movable light and uncheck dynamic shadow channels to other objects (in this way the other objects will cast static shadows)

Hi Bernhard,

Not a bug. More than likely something not set correctly.

I’ve setup a simple scene using a point light set to stationary with a movable object set to “light as if static” will then generated static shadows that are baked into it’s self and baked into any geometry it’s shadow casts onto.

It may be helpful to see your light source settings as well since this is partly about the shadows cast from the light.