movable lights not emmiting light

hello everyone,

since i downloaded UE4 i can’t seem to get movable lights to work ( static and stationary work fine ).

i have tried to play with visibility options to check and show options but i can’t seem to get it to work.

any help would be appreciated , thanks :slight_smile:

What exactly happens when you set the light mode to “moveable”? -> no shadows? no light? :slight_smile:
A pic would help us to solve the problem

first off , thanks you for the fast reply :slight_smile: ,

i have attached two photos one as stationary and one as movable to show the effect , problem is as a movable light it’s as if the visibility is turned off or the light simply has no existence ( no shadows nor light)

edit : the 2nd picture won’t upload however , it shows the light not casting any lighting or shadows what so ever as if it was not there.


What happens when you set your scalability settings to “epic”? :slight_smile:

i have it set on epic , and i am not getting any different results on any other setting either.

Where’s the second image? The only image I see has the stationary light

second image won’t upload for me for some reason . however , in it there is not light being cast nor shadows as if there is no point light there to begin with.

same thing happens with light blue prints as the lights there are movable only the prop appear but i get no light only the symbol that there is a movable point light there but to no effect.

After you convert the light to movable enable Force No Precomputed Lighting in World Settings, rebuilt the lights and see if it fixes the glitch.