Movable lighting and landscape troubles

Hi, i deside to make movable lighting for day/night cycle, skylight and direct light have default intence, PP disabled.

so, here is what i get:

8AM - all look pretty good.

10AM - same not bad

12 - Realy trash. After 12 terrain become very dark, until evening. So, what’s wrong with it?

Here 12am Unlit



It can be partialy fixed with disable “cast shadow” in skyLighting.
Another thing i notice - direct lighting not affecting landscape. why?=\

edit: Also i notice if to disable cast shadow i loose any shadows on landscape.

Skylight and directional light are movable, completely white.
I just check that when sun in zenith (12pm) terrain become dark like in night-time, and when it’s night (0:00) terrain become normal brightness with normal shadows. So i think something gives weird control of terrain lighting.

Yes, it is. With some hell SkySphere actor giving to Direct lighting (Sun) wrong rotation coordinates - it rotated out of terrain in day-time and shine somewhere up.
also at night-time it shine up too, but at night sun is under landscape, and it giving true combo - white night.

Change your skylight to movable. If it’s still quite dark, then increase the intensity scale and make sure your light color is not black.

Nope, rotating coords of sun gives nothing :frowning:

one more time, what i have:

In landscape material in one of layers was one missed letter :confused:
here our style - 18 hours to find - 10 seconds to fix