Movable Light Shadow Issues

Hi I’m, working with a movable Skylight (our game has a day/night cycle, so we’re not baking light) and I’m noticing really weird shadow artifacts in my scene, most notably when objects are scaled up around 3x.


Here you can see these really thick AO lines that appear whenever the lighting is changed to movable, and don’t seem to disappear no matter how much I fiddle with the AO settings.


They also appear on flat surfaces like this ^, including BSP cubes.


Another weird artifact is these harsh polygonal lines. Turning Cast Shadow or Dynamic shadow off seems to solve the problem a bit, leaving the normal map as the only lit part of the object, but why is it lit so poorly in the first place? This is an Infinity Blade asset so there shouldn’t be a problem with the geometry.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!