Movable Foliage? (Changing Painted Foliage Transform)

Hello, I am sorry if i am posting in the wrong place or about something that has already been explained.

Questions are at the bottom!

Basically at the moment i have a randomly rotating cube in my level. The cube rotation is a blueprint class with the movable static mesh (cube).
This is what i wanted, but i decided to add some grass to my cubes. I noticed that it wouldn’t let me add static grass to the movable cube using the foliage paint tool, so i would temporarily make my cube static, then paint my grass on, and then turn the cube back to movable so it would still rotate. Thanks to an answer on the answer hub, he pointed out to me that when you make the mesh you painted the foliage on to movable, it ‘detaches’ itself from the foliage. This makes sense to me now as i was wondering why when i moved my static cube location in the editor, the grass would follow with the cube and sort itself out, but when the cube was movable the grass wouldn’t follow the cube and just stay where it was.
What i want is for the foliage painted grass meshes to rotate with the cubes exact rotation.

Here is a video showing you what i am trying to explain. :


So far these are the only solutions that appear to work or ‘may’ work ::

**-**Dragging and Dropping the grass meshes individually into my Cube Blueprint class in the components section.
Video Here showing in more detail -


Here`s screenshots of what i mean in the first original video

This process works, however if i was making a large cube it would take an extremely long time to cover the ground and i believe that it doesn’t look as natural (look at link 3 picture).
Also it seems that when i am dragging in the meshes it can be quite unresponsive and the frame rate can drop quite a lot. So this is not really my preferred method.

**-**Making the grass apart of the static mesh cube in an external program that i modeled the cube in. (I think would work?..)
However i really like using the UE4 foliage paint tool, and so again, this is not my preferred method.

Some Questions I Have ::

  1. Does anybody know of a way i can do this? Am i missing something or is it just not possible?

  2. I noticed THIS on the Unreal Engine 4 ‘Trello’ Road-map ::

    Is this feature something that would work with what i want? Could it possibly be a future update?

  3. Is there anything i might be able to edit in the source code that would allow me to do this? Or possibly create a plugin that would allow this?

  • (Baring in mind that i am a beginner)*

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read it and sorry it was long. I am very new to unreal engine 4 and game development entirely so sorry if i said something wrong in here or incorrect.

**Any help is greatly appreciated! **


Hi Lawrie,

I’m linking in the AnswerHub post that you had posted with the same answer.

One other solution aside from using BPs to add the mesh manually was to use the “Randomly generated foliage” through BPs. This was demonstrated in the Blueprints Office example from Marketplace.

You can try implementing this for a more “natural” look and see if this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! I did not notice your 2nd response with the picture.
I have just taken a look at the blueprint examples project and the random foliage blueprint. I have implemented it into my current project with the rotating shapes, and have tried a few things but i am really struggling
to try and make some changes. Basically what i was trying is to sort of duplicate the spawn box region to go around my static mesh cube.
Example of what i mean :

I know its not as simple as copy and paste but i was wondering if maybe you might be able to point me in the direction of what to change?

I tried to alter the position and rotation of the second spawn box and i got close to getting the box in the right position but couldn’t get it correct,
Here’s a picture to show you -

i made 2nd variables for the 2nd box and attempted to make the right had trouble.
Is there anyway i can simplify this class at all?

Lastly, is there anyway that i can spawn the meshes on the outside of the box? as if it was hollow? for example if the spawn box was scaled to fit the static mesh cube exactly, and then the grass would spawn on all surfaces? This picture shows what i mean with the box -

I cant thank you enough for all your help!