Mouse position resetting to (0,0) on property edit

It seemed to start happening when I upgraded to 4.5.1.

Every time I click on a property with a numeric value in the editor, it highlights the number and sends my mouse to the top left corner of my left-most monitor.

This is extremely obnoxious as you might imagine, as I have multiple monitors and I have to drag my mouse back to my main screen every time I click a property to edit.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks for the tip Rama, I didn’t search hard enough.

The thread I’ve linked has a comment from 1 day ago with a link to the github for the official fix which will be released in the near future.

The github link:

I have experienced this as well and seen other answerhub/forum posts related to this


I will be closing out this post as it is a duplicate of another post. Please refer to the Linked post for any additional information.

Thanks and have a great day!