Mouse moving to upper left corner when editing values

link textI’m running into an issue with 4.5.1 where the mouse is moving to the upper left corner of my screen when I modify a value (for example world BSP sizes) and hit enter. This would be an issue except I use UE4 on my right most monitor (triple monitor setup). I’ve tried restarting UE4 and my machine and the issue persists.

Video of issue: UE4 Mouse Bug - YouTube

This is constantly happening to me as well since 4.5.1. It used to happen occasionally, although not enough to be annoying or reproducible, but now it happens every time I click (not press enter) in any draggable value.

It doesn’t happen when I click in a field to change a name/description, or any field where the cursor changes to the vertical text input style, it only happens for values where you get the horizontal cursor indicating that you can click-drag the value.

The cursor doesn’t jump to the upper left of monitor 1 when click dragging either, only when clicking to type a value in.

Edit: Incidentally, I now also can’t click in the color picker wheel, I actually have to drag the mouse cursor a bit to get it to update.

Yeah I just started experiencing it from the clicking of draggable values. I’ve been finding the ones where I hit enter are intermittent. =\

Hi infected,

I’ve been looking into this issue, however, I am not able to reproduce the problem you are experiencing. In order to further troubleshoot this problem, please provide your DXDIAG: (Windows Start Button>(search “dxdiag”)>Launch dxdiag>select “Save all information”>attach text file to your post.)


Hi ,
I’ve added my DXDiag results to the post. I’ve also recorded it occurring (Just to show exactly what is happening). I hope both help. :smiley:

Arghhh I’m having the same issue, only difference is to me it happens (so far) only on one project, all other projects seem to be unaffected.

I’m on 4.5.1 as well.

Interesting, it happens for me in every project, every click, without fail (unconverted 4.4 project, converted 4.4 to 4.5, newly created 4.5.1 blank projects).

I thought it wasn’t happening once until I realized that I had loaded up a 4.4 project without converting it and I still had the 4.4 engine installed.

The project that seems to be affected was created on 4.5.1. About an hour later I started noticing that the mouse was disappearing whenever I edited a value, then I spotted it at the top left corner.

The last thing I wanted now was a bug to make my work even harder.

Same issue reported in Japanese thread.

I noticed, that at least for me, it only happens in slots which you can “drag the mouse” to edit. For example in the Transform properties of an actor, when you click in any of the 3 Location coordinates the mouse doesn’t jump. However if you click on the Rotation coordinates (which you can modify by dragging the mouse) the mouse instantly jumps to the top left corner.

Hope this helps in solving the error.


I ve got the same problem with 4.5.1.

I have this issue aswell, it happens on all numeric spinners throughout the editor.

This only happens when you type a value into the field.
If you drag the spinner first and then enter the value, it works and the mouse stays where it should.

The problem persists even if you open the project on a different computer.


This issue has been addressed in the following post:

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