Mouse cursor jumps....


Since version 4.51, I expierience something annoying:
When I enter a value in an editor field, like values of a material parameter node, the mouse cursor jumops to the top left corner of the screen…

Its really annoying. Has anyone else expierienced soemthing simmilar?


Hey ,

Yes I have also experienced recently, but it looks like Epic has already fixed the in the most recent Github build, here is some info from AnswerHub:

If there is a version 4.5.2 coming it may get added in there, otherwise it will be 4.6 for the launcher version of the engine. :slight_smile:

hey guys, i join. since 4.5.1 also happens to me. i try to use Tab more often now :smiley:

glad to see fix is on its way! Frustrating to work with it currently.