Mount and Taming Blueprint

Created by: Robviously
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**Mount and Taming blueprint is Now available on the marketplace.


Mount and Taming blueprints - THIRD PERSON Overview Video:


Third Person Update has been submitted to epic and Should be Live soon!

Mount and Taming blueprints - TOP DOWN Overview Video:


Things that I would like to add to the package in the near future:

- Add Third Person control set ADDED
- When using the “all follow” and “all stay” command, I will be adding the command words over the players head as well. ADDED




This system includes Both a TOP DOWN and a THIRD PERSON Version of the Mount and Taming Blueprint system. IOn the Taming System, by default, taming is set to require an item to tame; this can easily be converted to a skill based system, or disabled if not required. Once tamed, Animals can be commanded to follow or stay, these commands can be issued individually using the Alt Use key when in Interaction range. Or to all tames from any distance using the ALL Commands. Other uses of this system include if you want to have pets that follow your player, Such as summoned pets and vanity pets.

We’ve also included a Summoned Mount blueprint for those that do not require a taming system. This BP can be used in a number of ways, one example would be to spawn behind the player and have it run over to the players location. In the demo it is kept at a very basic and we summon the mount next to the player and It can mounted with the primary use key and dismissed with the alternate use key.

The package also includes a usable actor interface system, floating text, HUD elements and it also has Rudolph,

I made this package just before Christmas and had added a “Rudolph mount” to it. I figure I’d keep him in it as a little bonus.


E = Primary Use: Pick up item, Tame mount, Mount / Dismount (when in range of tamed mount) .
F = Alternate use: Toggle between Follow and Stay (when in range of a single tamed mount), Dismiss Summoned Mount.
S = Summon Mount
H = Toggle HUD on/off
U= All Stay (Tamed Animals)
J = All follow (Tamed Animals)


**How To: **

how do I load it as THIRD PERSON?:
Simply go to the “Map” Directory and double click on the “Third person demo map” and hit play!

Change from Top Down to Third Person controls:

I have added this in with the new update! You will notice a few minor changes in the “Base_mount” BP some checks to see if the Third person controller is being used. This was to simplify the project so I didn’t have to duplicate all the blueprints.

Notable locations are where we set the Third person camera in the Mount Function and some settings in the Dismount function. If you are planning on using just third person, you can delete this check in the MOUNT function, then delete the TOP DOWN camera and spring arm and make sure that the THIRD PERSON camera and spring are are set to auto activate.

Change or add new Mounts:

Simply make a child / or duplicated BP of the Mount BP you wish to use (Summonable_Mount or Tamable_Mount). Change the mesh and animation to the new one you would like to use. You may need to adjust the “SaddleSocket location accordingly.

Setup characters to require or not require an item to tame them:

In the Tamable_Mount BP you will see a Boolean variable for “requires item”. Set this to false if you do not want an item. This check in the “on use” interaction is where you would adjust from a item based taming sytem to a skill based system.

Change taming from the “Item required” setup to a “required taming skill level” to tame them:


This is quite easy,

Where we are currently checking the player for the “Tame Item” that is required, We would just switch this to check, to see if the players “taming skill” is above the required amount needed to tame this animal. A variable for “Taming skill” will need to be added on the player, and a Variable for “TamingSkillRequired” will need to be added to the “tameable_mount_BP”.





  • Robviously

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New Video added! - Release Version shown.

I’m working on a major update and hope to have it live early next week. The update will improve a bulk section of the system and add to the project a third person demo map and controls. This will be in addition to the top down map and controls. I’m also reworking the blueprints to be more clear and efficient. I’m excited for this update and will be posting a new video once it’s complete.

System looks cool :slight_smile: Horsieeeeeees! XD If I ever get onto that MMO idea I have… I know who will be supplying the mounts!

Added THIRD PERSON mode, Updated Version should be available tomorrow afternoon.

Awesome! Was looking forward to this :smiley:

Awesome. Just waiting on epic to release the update. I will post in the tread when it’s live.

Edit I’ve been told the update is in the system and may be available later today, if not it will be available Weds.

I’m happy to see that you added a 3rd person mode. I initially disregarded this because it was top-down and our project is 3rd.

Do you have any plans for any extension of this over and above what you outlined at top?

Our project plan calls for a full-fledged seamless (all animations) mmorpg-style mount system, of which taming would be an integral part. Needless to say, we would rather buy and modify an out-of-the-box system.

Our wish list for additions to your system would be:

  1. Mount/dismount animations
  2. Some animation to show the actual physical and or magical act of taming. Multiple options would be nice. (Roping, trapping, driving into a corral, etc.)
  3. All the standard mount functions with animations (gallop, walk, fight, graze, hobble, etc)

3rd person update is now live

Thanks for your post, i would love to make a full game ready mount system for the market place and add in all the animations and ai systems for what you have mentioned. Maybe its something i can work toward in the future. It would however be at a much higher price point. A rough guess would be around the $100 mark. In the mean time if you are looking for a base system to learn from i recommend picking this one up. If you mainly need the animations. Might be worth checking out that horse kit not sure the quality of the animations though

$100 is safely within our budget. We’ve looked at the Horse Kit. :slight_smile:

Hi Robviously

What kind of software or plugin you’ve used to make the deers rigging. Is Mixamo, Ikinema…?, Maybe I can import the skeleton used in the deer into the Maya then to use it in my own drakonics creatures?



I have had success importing the skeleton in Maya and rigging another animal to it. not sure what software you use but I’m sure anything that supports FBX will make this easy as you can just export the FBX from the editor.

Can the animations be retargeted to a Fuse character? Did anyone tried this?

Can’t you give mixamo a skeleton to use? Also unreal has a bunch of videos on their youtube channel that covers animation retargeting. But you can’t simply retarget animations that are built with a different skeleton hierarchy.

You can use fuse animations with the unreal skeleton with some little adjustments. As for the deer, the deer maya is what you’d probably want to use but i dont see why any other app that supports fbx wouldnt work.

Hi Robviously

Why do you not use the Widget Component for floating texts in ScreenSpace insted WorldSpace?


The idea of the demo was to have it float up from the location of the item that is being used. People are more than welcome to use screenspace location if thats what they want for their project :slight_smile:

I’m Interested in seeing what people have done with the project files. Please share some vids or your enhancements or wip project if you have the spare time. :slight_smile: