Mount and Taming Blueprint

Bought and rated! Excellent deal, the deer looks great.

That type of mount could even work in the game I am going for but I was more so interested in having the deer spawn and run around my forests. Is there an easy to to export just the deer mesh, skeleton, textures and animations files so that I could create an AI blueprint to drop into an existing project?

Also, have you thought about doing a death animation. I would buy that if even if you had to package it into a seperate asset.

Thanks for the rating,

you can easily use the deer mesh, all you would need to do is Copy the animations, texture, material, skeleton and mesh files from the Mount project in to your own project. You could even bring over the Anim BP and just make some minor changes. You could also try migrating to a fresh project and then just making the minor adjustments if needed to the files moved over.
if you poke around the BP’s you should see how the world spawned deer you can tame has some basic AI logic for random move to locations. Though you’d probably want to setup a nice behavior tree. To do things like flee when someones near or when attacked and what not

Unfortunately I have no plans to make custom animations for that asset. Though I’m sure for an animator, which I am not but sometimes wish i was, it wouldn’t be to hard.

Great! Thanks for the reply, I’ve only been working with the engine for a couple months so I wanted to hear your thoughts about migrating. Not an animator either, hoping to find someone to help with that! Cheers.


awesome work :slight_smile: can you please tell me, how can i change the model of the character, i mean UE4 Manequin. i load my own model with animations, walking/runing is working fine, but i cant find where i can configure sitting on the mount. My character is standing on it. I have an animation for riding as well.

thank you

Hello! I absolutely love the system! I have managed to get it into my project, but i am having a silly issue, i am able to pick up the grass and tame the deer with it. But when i attempt to mount the deer, my player plays the animation but and acts as if hes attached to the deer but he stays where he was and thendeer continues to wander, when the deer moves my character will bounce up and down but hes not moving or ontop of the deer, i am running all this on a dedicated server so i assume it might be replication issue i ultimately was wondering if you might have any input,
Thank you for your time

Just wondered how you were going with the updates previously mentioned on the market place page and if that is still in development?

I own this asset and I don’t see any mention of updates in it’s marketplace page by the creator. He already updated it to include an example showing how to use it for 3rd person instead of just a TopDown demo.

Apologies I meant the support thread listing as in the first post of this thread (The following)

Things that I would like to add to the package in the near future:

  • a HORSE! w/ animations
  • Foundation for a skill based taming system
  • Replace Prototype “Mounted Pose” animation file with something better.
  • More animals? (I would like to add a few different types of smaller tamable animals)


I will update the original post. Those we Items I would have liked to add but it would have driven up the price too high so I deceided against it. Their are other assets on the marketplace that include horses and riding animations already that would be better than what I could add.

so what is wrong with this when i try to add to any project it says blueprints of this assets already exist overwrite or cancel in my project. it adds it to project and makes another project of its own in version 4.10 of UE when I’m in version 4.18.2 what is being overwritten? shouldn’t it all be inside its own folder and not have to overwrite anything. its the only add to project asset that does this.

does a summoned mount not follow?

hey mate im buying this awsome stuff here but can u plz make an video how to add this to our own projekt ? plz bcs i allways have lot of problems when i try to add this my own projekt

Hi, i buyed your asset but i also send you a mail as this pack is not working by default. your pack sets the project back to 4.10. i now managed to upgrade it myself and got this working.
I have a question on how you do the mount animation as i changed my mesh and set my animation, the moment he mount a animal my character goes back in a T-Pose.

Where you set the parameter to switch?


Engine update 4.26 depreciates “the move character to location” function that had been setup in previous versions. Fix manually by changing it to the new function (compiler will give you the exact location and issue). Simply open the topdownplayercontroller BP and hit compile and check the error.

I’ve also submitted an updated build with this fix that should be live in a few days.

Thank you