MotionControllerPawn template teleport to world zero


I’ve been using the UE4 VR template a lot recently in combination with a HTC Vive and its motion controllers.
I’ve noticed that there seem to be a navigation bug and I can’t manage to find the error in the blueprints : sometimes (and what seems to be randomly), instead of teleporting to the desired location, the player is teleported to the world zero location !

Anyone ever had the same problem before ? Any way to fix this ?


I get similar issue, after 4.17 first launch and, please try to move your NavMeshBoundsVolume and cause to recalculate teleportation zone! You can see this zone select NavMeshBoundsVolume activate viewport (i mean get in viewport, you can hold right click and change position of view) pressing pand you have to see green area !

or go to project settings>engine>navigationmesh>generation>cell size and cell height will effect your possible teleportation zone.

I hope it will help you guys…


In the BP_MotionController : make a branch before “SetWorldLocation” TeleportCylinder