MotionControllerPawn jumping high on teleporting (bug)

Hello everyone!

Here is my problem. So, everything worked fine with my VR project until I wanted to upgrade my hands’ physics, and for this I started following a tutorial. I added a new game mode and a new **character blueprint **(in which I would put my camera, my hands…) (and that’s basically the only things I did). I then realized this was not what I wanted, so I deleted this game mode and this blueprint, to get back to the MotionControllerPawn (from the VR UE template) I had been using.
I "re-enabled Auto-possess Player - Player 0" for my MotionController Pawn and put back my game mode on “None”, which were my previous settings.
But now, my level goes wild whenever I hit play. My “editor cubes” (from UE VR template) jump once, and my MotionControllerPawn jumps very (very) high (and then falls) whenever I try to teleport somewhere. Moreover, when I hit play, my MotionControllerPawn also jumps and falls slightly below ground, no matter where I put my MotionControllerPawn on the level.

I feel like all of my settings are back to how they were before I started with the turorial, and I have no idea what is causing this. I would gladly appreciate some help, if someone has an idea?

Thanks !