Motion tracking camera control

Hey guys,

I dont post a lot but I read everything on the forum. To my knowledge I havent seen any topic of the sort so I opened a new one for help.

Was playing around on the psvr lately since I saw the Golem demo and I find the way it manipulates camera very smart. Im trying to achieve the same result but on the rift.

For those who havent tried golem : essentially, small bodily movements forward move thr char forward. Rotations rotate the camera but its scaled in a way where a 180 deg in game turn is achieved by just turning the head for like a few degrees left and right.

So im looking for some hints which blueprints should I start with that do the following :

A) scale camera rotation - turn of the head rotates the camera faster than actual head movement (I guess like higher mouse sensitivity?)
B) modules where changes in movement/motion tracking can be manipulated

Any help/advice much appreciated!