Motion Smoothing (SteamVR beta) artifacts

So I was very happy to learn that SteamVR is updated with Motion Smoothing (when framerate drops below 90, it reduces the rate to 45 and interpolates a frame in between to reach 90). This can be a great help when performance is an issue.

At first glance seems to work great!.. Until you teleport. Since we’re using a fade to/from black around the teleport action, Motion Smoothing seems to get confused and shows horrible artifacts (I assume because it’s trying to interpolate various frames with different degrees of fade to black applied).

Did anyone find a way around this, other than disabling fading altogether?

So, it turns out that when using Mordentral’s (amazing) VR Expansion Plugin, there is an alternative called “Fade HMD to Color” that works without artifacts. There is a slight issue with the Fade back to regular alpha, which can easily be resolved by adding a 0.1sec delay after teleport.

Hope it helps someone!