Motion sensors for foot\legs and hands

Hello. I am trying to find any devices i could buy and use as a motion controller in UE4. I my project i need to have free hands so i want to attach any motion capture devices (like watch) to both hands and legs and use transformations of these controllers in the project. Can someone tell me what device i could but to replace traditional HTC VIVE or Oculus controllers ?
I have some small devices for guitar VR game - it came i think with Oculus controllers and i need something similar i could attach to hands and legs.

You can either use a mocap suit and combine the entire thing to work in VR, or you can get the Vive Trackers and create a full body IK setup.
I did exactly this developing my own Full Body Motion Capture setup, which also includes fingers and facial tracking ( video here )

The alternative is to use something like Antilatency, which does work as a tracking solution, a bit different from Vive/Oculus, but looks pretty good.