Motion graphics Compositing features in UE4?


I would like to know if sequencer could handle some compositing effects done in programs like aftereffects or nuke. One that would be really interesting to have is an image morphing feature. Something like morphing a humanoid character to an animal or demon or whatever suits the purpose. Then you could do some really cool things like werewolf morphs and the likes.

Am new to UE4 and dont know if blueprints can handle this kind of thing though. If anyone knows please share otherwise it would be a really cool thing to be able to achieve both in gameplay and cinematics.


No, it doesn’t support things like that, which would be very complicated to try and do in UE4

You could do 3D morphs though–if you for example if you take a 3D model of a person and then modify it and sculpt it into the shape of a werewolf you can morph the human face to the werewolf face since they use the same topology.

Oh ok, appreciate the explanation.
Well maybe another option for cinematics, would be to create virtual green screen shot scenes in UE4 for both morph from and morph to character animations as well as the back ground shot using the same camera animation/tracks and then export the rendered footage to a compositing software like aftereffects that has some cool plugins (like re-flex) for creating good morphing shots and and composite to kind of achieve the goal here. Just my thoughts though. I guess it may also require some good lighting skills to get the replica of a well lit and functional green screen.