Motion Controller

Hello, i can’t find any info about the Razer Hydra or any other motion controller. does UE4 have Hydra support ?


Unreal Engine 4 does not have support for the Razer Hydra. We do offer the source code if you are interested in making it compatible yourself, but we do not have plans for adding support for that motion controller currently.

If someone sends me one, I’ll integrate it. Looks like fun :slight_smile:

There’s a post related to it here

I’m not sure if the OP is going to turn it into a plugin but that would be super. I’ve downloaded the Sixense SDK myself but I’m not sure how to go about getting it in, if nobody makes any progress then I might give it a whirl but it’s a little out of my comfort zone to be honest. If I do manage it I’ll be sure to share :smiley:

hehe i can’t do that i’m comming from unity so im not that experienced in C++. but if i could i would make it a plugin hehe.

and thanks to Alexander Paschall for clearing it for us.

Yeah, I tried integrating it myself today as a plugin… my head nearly exploded so I think I’ll wait for someone more experienced to tackle it.

The good news is that Sixense are working on their own UE4 integration :smiley:

That is great news, thanks for the info :smiley:

Yeah, i would do that, but they are about $165 for a used one on ebay, so its pretty expensive. but thanks tho :smiley:

Finished a plugin integration for this:

the post also includes a video on how to use it.

Thanks a lot for this getnamo, saved me some precious time! I owe you a beer (at least) :slight_smile: