Motion controller

Is there a way to find a motioncontroller trigger event from outside a blueprint? I set up a motion controller game pad button to move the pawn to a predetermined spot, but now I can not find it in any of the blueprints. At the time of creation, I did not know where those point would need to be so they were set at random and now I want to edit the jump-to points but can not find where I did this. Have looked through all my blueprints in the level and can not find where this function lives. Is there a way to search for the motioncontroller function in the entire game?

When I play the game the function works, so I know it is somewhere, but I can not find it or remember where it is.

Did you look into Project Settings → Input? You may find that your motion controller button is mapped there under Action Mappings. Hence in your Blueprints you need to look for the name of the mapped action rather than for the specific button.

Thanks VR_Marco for your response. I finally found it in the Level Blueprint editor. I knew I would forget about it when I set it up and a month later when I needed it, could not find it. But all is working well now and will not forget.