Motion Controller Teleportation Not Changing Pawn Rotation

I’m using the default VR template project on UE 4.19, with no modifications. Tried this both in my project and in a fresh copy of the template.

When I teleport using motion controller teleportation, my pawn’s rotation isn’t changing. The teleport arrow rotates just fine, but after teleporting, the pawn rotation is the same as it was before.

I found this guide that shows how the template is supposed to work, with the player’s rotation set to the rotation of the arrow, specifically in the linked gif. This does not happen for me at all.

I went into the Get Teleport Destination function in BP_MotionController, and it doesn’t look like it changes the rotation at all. I tried setting it to return the world rotation of the arrow, and that does change the rotation, but it’s consistently pointing in the wrong direction. I can’t figure out a consistent pattern for how wrong it is (sometimes it’s ~180 off, sometimes ~90), so I haven’t been able to make a reliable change to that.

Is this working for anyone else? If not, any idea what I can change to fix it? Thanks!