Motion Controller not rendering after deploying

Hey Guys,

I’m currently Developing my first VR Game everything works fine in the editor.

However, after deploying (is it called deploying^^) the Mesh for the Oculus Touch Controller won’t render. After looking in the Output log after Deploying, it says " LogMotionControllerComponent: Warning: Failed to create a display component for the MotionController - no XR system (if there were any) had a model for the specified source (‘Right’)".

The visualization for the Motion Controllers is set as follows:

The tracking and the buttons are working fine tho.

I did a lot of googling, but I really didn’t find an answer.

I really hope you guys can help me.

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I found a Workaround:

  • user/Eckish/ on reddit

This does not work for Valve Index Controllers. They are shown fine inside the editor but outside they are not shown. They are also not in the directory Engine Content/VREditor/Devices.
Anyone knows how to resolve this issue?

It might be that the meshes wont spawn as they’re inside each other by default, are you the spawn actor from class node to create the motion controllers? if so try setting the spawn to always spawn dont collide, or something along that wording

Hi, thanks for the response. The meshes are now spawning correctly (no idea what triggered it) however they use the default material now (grey checkers material) and not the actual material in the Editor. Maybe the materials are not in the final build? Any idea as t why that might be?

sorry for the last response, I’m quite new to ue so im not too sure, maybe just try reloading your project or ensuring the material is set up correctly?