Motion Controller Mesh Rotation is different in Rift and Vive/Index

Hi Guys,

Im using ue4.24 and using SteamVR plugin.

I have SkelMesh Hands (like the VR template) tied to VRorigin and when testing across the Vive / Rift / Index The Rotation is Not consistent and this not only looks/feels off it makes the Aim off by 40 degrees vertical and 20 degrees Yaw.

  1. Anyone Else seeing this?
  2. I’m working on an offset based on the headset/MC but there is no way I can find of detecting that this is a Rift , this is a Vive or Index - may have to get the user to select but feel it should be automatic. (GetHMDDevice Name only returns SteamVR)

Im using the Epic Skel…