Motion Controller Face Button Mode Combinations?

Hey everyone, I’m working on a Vive motion controller setup. I have a dual wielding setup with the right hand focusing on weapons and left hand on interactions. As a result I want both controllers to also handle movements and I wonder how you would go about
this setup? It’s a lot like the SteamVR lab where you can switch modes on the balloon gun.

So when the player is spawned, I want both left/right buttons to control character movements. Pressing the right shoulder button swaps the right face buttons from movement buttons (e.g. Forwards, Left, Jump, etc) to weapon specific mode buttons (e.g. previous weapon, reload, etc). The idea is that when player is shooting and changing weapon modes on the right hand, they can still move around using the left hand. Also vice versa, the interaction controller would also have it’s own set of modes after the left shoulder pressed instead using the right hand controller to move around. Hopefully this makes sense.

Here’s my current setup, at the moment the right hand is only setup to fire an automatic weapon and the left hand opens and closes to slow down time. I haven’t yet added movements or additional modes to each hand.

Left Motion Controller (Interaction)