Motion Controller Buttons

I want to have buttons on my in-game controllers move in time to the relative real-world button presses.

Are there any presets/Marketplace items that are out there for animating buttons on my in-game games controller to match actual motion controller button presses - for example when a thumbstick is moved an animated thumbstick matches/moves on the visible controller in my game?

I know I can build something but wondered if there are any pre-made presets or repository’s covering the setup of multiple controller types index/quest with all the button positions etc already?

As far as I know, there is nothing like this existing within the engine content. You will most likely have to resort to the marketplace or creating it yourself. It isn’t really that difficult if you are comfortable using an image editing software. You can simply create two variants of the actual button and then looping the animation.

If you want to go the way of buying something from the marketplace, this seems promising: Controller Buttons Pack: V1 in 2D Assets - UE Marketplace

Yeah I ended up just making it to be honest. I found a 3d model of the knuckles controllers in the Steam file system. Put it into Blender - Removed everything but the buttons then built my own controller around the button positions so everything lined up correctly. Then took it into Unreal and just animated the button movements linked to the inputs. Took a little while but not too bad

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