Motion controller buttons mapping in 4.19 ?

I am updating my project to 4.19 and I am having difficulties with mapping touchpad correctly.

Currently I am using MotionController (R) Trigger for controller’s trigger and MotionController (R) FaceButton 6 for touchpad press (used to use MotionController R Thumbstick). However, those two work identically. So whether I pull the trigger or press down the touchpad (press it as a button, dead in the center), it calls the same function in my BP code. By design though, trigger pull should call one function, and touchpad should call entirely different function.

I followed Epic’s official docs, but that don’t seem to work as described. Using launcher version of UE 4.19p3. I am using prototype motion controller, not the retail one (although I doubt it’s a hardware flaw).

Can someone please help ?

I’ve been messing with this issue last night and came to conclusion that for whatever reason button mapping from Epic’s docs doesn’t work with my motion controller at all. Could be hardware fault (I am using a prototype controller, before it was released to the public) or could be that launcher version is missing something, or 4.19 is different than 4.17 (which is what the docs for I believe).

So none of the MotionController FaceButton buttons work. Instead, MotionController Thumbstick Up/Down/Left/Right work. The major issue with that (again, could be the hardware issue) is that I have to press those directions quite precisely for them to work.

I opted out for MotionController Thumbstick X/Y which works as touch on the motion controller’s touchpad, but I haven’t finished implementing this scheme.

I sure hope Oculus Go support isn’t as bad as Gear VR support in UE4 :confused:

I dug deeper and this is what works for me on Gear VR with Motion controller in UE 4.19p4:

Trigger is MotionController (R) Trigger
Touchpad press is MotionController (R) Thumbstick

Touchpad directions (as if it was a D-Pad) are MotionController (R) Thumbstick Up/Down/Left/Right

Touching Touchpad returns “Touch1” name. I haven’t checked if Touch1 input event works for it.

Also, if touching Touchpad is indeed Touch1 event, then I am not sure how swipes on the Touchpad would work :confused:

This is affecting me also, since updating from 4.19 Preview to 4.19 full release, I cannot get vive controllers to send input actions on any buttons

I have the same problem. spent 2 days to migrate my project from UE 4.16 to 4.18. and still can’t find the right mapping. all the buttons are correctly mapped but I still can not map touch/tap either on motion controller or HMD touch pad. it was MotionController_Left/Right_FaceButton6 or touch1. also for touch detection like MotionController_Left/Right_Thumbstick_X is still blurry.

There ya go:

I’ve tried all the button combinations (including touch event, and oculus captouch event) in 4.18, none of them works for HMD touchpad. so, the touchpad is pretty much useless for now.
but MotionController_Left/Right_Thumbstick_X/Y is still the same in gearvr motion controller, can be used as touch event tough. too bad, touch only event is not available. upgradin to 4.19 seems useless too :frowning:

I don’t know… Everything works fine for me in 4.18 and in 4.19

ahh…you’re right. it works with my other project. thanks

EDIT: it’s mobile multi-view. when I turn it off, it works again…duh

I found a couple of hints (the docs seem indeed out of date):

From :

trigger => MotionController Trigger
back button => MotionController Facebutton 1
click on touchpad => MotionController Thumbstick
virtual touchpad top/left/right/bottom => MotionController up/down/left/right
finger on touchpad (capacitive, no click) => OculusTouch_Thumbstick_CapTouch

Jonathan (@Squareys)

Same here. Well when I am working with my gear vr project no matter what the Vive Face buttons do not work, but if its in the normal just Vive project then my vive controllers work. Wonder if there is a conflict.

I would recommend to compile engine from Oculus source, they have made changes to the controller.

  • Native Gear VR Touchpad Integration – The Oculus UE4 integration provides a native interface to the Gear VR touchpad. Prior to this release of the Oculus UE4 integration, the touchpad was linked to the Android integration which did not work properly in all situations. The following Blueprints facilitate adding the native Gear VR touchpad integration into your Unreal applications:

  • Oculus Touchpad Back

  • Oculus Touchpad Press

  • Oculus Touchpad X-Axis

  • Oculus Touchpad Y-Axis

  • Get Oculus Touchpad X-Axis

  • Get Oculus Touchpad Y-Axis

Everything its working fine, you just need to put others mapping cause the epic docs are out of date: