Motion Blur

Hey all, just had an issue that came up in one of my renders - was wondering if anyone else had seen a similar issue?

When the camera moves down quickly, the grass around the head of the character seems to artifact quite a bit. I’ve attached a photo highlighting some of the issues. It seems to be caused by motion blur (which I have set to target 24fps, amount 1). This is the only part it occurs at - the rest of the sequence is pretty much fine.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Difficult to tell from the video, but I guess you’re seeing the artifacts TSAA provides.

TSAA looks great for the most part, but this trail/ghosting effect is a big drawback. Try changing AA mode and see if the problem disappears.

Brill, thanks I’ll give that a go :).

Are there not any plugins or post-process volumes that fix the ghosting issue? I did a load a research a while back on it cause it was annoying me - but diidn’t turn anything up.

Are you seeing that in real time as well? Could be video compression. Most compression is bad at noisy + moving areas like foliage. I see errors like that streaming YouTube and Netflix fairly often.

Hey, it doesn’t seem to come through in real-time - but does in the render. I’m rendering an uncompressed PNG sequence though via the sequencer - so I shouldn’t think it’s the compression causing it (the artifacts are there even before uploading to YouTube).