Motion Blur Setting?

So i made video settings for my game where the player can change Anti-Aliasing, Post Process, Volumetric Fog, and Bloom, i also wanted to make a setting for Motion-Blur, but i can’t find a “Set Motion Blur” Node Anywhere. Please Help!

Could you send pictures on how?

motion blur is controlled by the post process settings. so add (if not yet done) an unbound postprocessvolume to your scene (unbound) or pawn and set the settings of this actor by blueprint. you can also controll it inside of the camera component. To toggle the PPV settings att all you can use its property “blendWeight”

I’m not on pc today, just pull the component in your BP, drag out a link and type in “settings” to get/set them. It’s a struct so you can set each member of it how you like it.there is also a console command to enable/disable motion blur (you need to google that, I don’t remember the name) - if you dont want to adjust it, just enable/disable this is also a possiblity