Motion Blur idea

Is it possible to render the game logic at 60fps, then take 2 or more of the states and render them as one (for low end 30fps systems)? I guess the my idea is that the actual rendering wouldn’t take any longer, but would create a smoother experience. Is this possible?

(btw, I’m not a developer or graphics programmer, so bear w/ me if this seems stupid).

I’m not sure what you’re saying–
A certain amount of processing needs to be done, doing any amount of processing twice as much as the target framerate isn’t going to improve performance. Performance improves by reducing the amount of processing required.

I’m saying take the logical info of 2 frames (at the earliest stage, without rendering), then render them as one combined image.

Are you asking if this could be done in a post process material? Because there already is motion blur option in the post process and it works more efficiently than what you are describing, as far as i know. But it is an expensive feature nonetheless.

I didn’t mean doing any extra post-processing. I mean take 2 logical states (like positional data or anything related to visually rendering, which I assume would be relatively small), and render the content as one, as though it were being blurred.

But then again, I guess I could see the post processing effect you mentioned working better anyways.

Yeah, it’d be slow to do it that way, all the stuff besides rendering can impact performance, like physics and AI which you would have to calculate twice as much to be able to use that method.