Most efficient UV workflow for UE4?

I’m working with some relatively complex architectural models and after giving up on Sketchup I have been trying to use Cinema 4D however I’m still finding it difficult to correct my UV’s. My question is will using 3ds, Maya or any other programs make the design process more efficient in regards to UV’s? For example if I use 3Ds max will it automatically create non-overlapping UV’s or will I still need to edit individual parts regardless of what software I use? The art style is I’m using is very minimal as seen in the image below, just 3 colours with some roughness. I have tried using FBX, OBJ, bumping up the lightmap res, changing the lightmap coordinates to 1, generating new UV’s and removing overlaps from layers using UV edit in Cinema 4D and so far I haven’t managed to find a solution. Maybe my models are just to complex and I have no option but to deal with UV’s?

Also I’m using 4.4.3 at the moment, I have heard a mention that 4.5+ auto generates UV’s and I’m wondering if upgrading could potentially provide some solutions. My ideal workflow would be to just create geometry, drop some basic materials and import without having to mess around with UV. The most frustrating aspect of this is that it looks perfect in the editor before building the lightmass lol.

Yup upgrading will make that bit easier. The Auto generation of light map uv’s seems to work quite well.