morphing materials question

Im trying to figure out if I can take a drawn on facial expression IE a smile and a frown and morph between them? Is this something that is possible?

It is possible to fade between two different textures using a lerp node in your material. You could drive this with a material parameter to control which of the two textures you see.

I have that working but I need to lerp between 3 textures, and I see it may be possible with the IF node, but im not really sure how to use that?

You can chain several lerp nodes together to achieve that effect as well. You may also want to look into using a flipbook if you are dealing with multiple ‘frames’ Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Animated Materials / Flipbook - YouTube

The problem with chaining is I need 1 texture on a 0, the next on at 0.5 and the next on at 1 with the others turning off. But in the instance I want one constant control to do that. So if I turn the constant to 0.5 the other two textures turn off and the 0.5 texture comes on.

I would look at using a flipbook then, that’s gonna be a lot more flexible I think.

ill check it out, I understand the concept, just never made one.

Here is the 3 poses im trying to blend, I would have made a real mouth if I researched this more, but I had it in my head you could texture morph from 3dmax to ue4.

Ahhh, I see now. - if that shape change is driven by morph targets in studio max, you can indeed use those: 1.7 - Morph Targets | Unreal Engine Documentation