Morph Targets Working on CPU but not GPU

I have run into a really wierd problem that is brought my project to a complete halt.

In some meshes, morph targets simply wont work on the GPU, but when i switch to CPU skinning in persona, they work fine. Here is a project with a single mesh and skeleton that demonstrates the problem. Open up the mesh and set a morph target using GPU skinning, and nothing happens. Switch to CPU skinning and it works fine. I am using a GTX 1070. Can anyone confirm that this mesh is doing the same thing for them as well? If so, what could be causing this? The mesh is quite large, but that shouldn’t cause it to just fail. If its happening for more than just me, i believe its a bug. You may need to create a keyboard shortcut in editor preferences to enable CPU skin toggle. Disabling morph calculation on gpu in project settings is not enough, you must toggle cpu skinning live the preview window of persona.

ANY assistance is appreciated

this mesh has hundreds of morph targets. but i have a mesh with 2000+ morphs and it doesnt have this problem.
I have spent multiple days now trying to figure this out, even stepping through the skinning process in SkeletalRenderGPUSkin, but i really cannot figure out whats going on.

After More testing, i’ve confirmed that all morphs work when using full CPU Skinning. When using full GPU skinning, roughly 1\3 of them work. When using GPU skinning, but with calculate morphs on CPU checked in the project settings, NONE of them work. I’m Still stumped, and really could use some assistance. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

I have wasted roughly 40 hours debugging this at this point.

HI,we have the same problem.have you solved it?