Morph Targets and Replication - Problem on Server

I want to replicate the state of some morph targets in my game.

Therefor, I have set up float values that replicate to all clients.

The clients set the float to the morph (replicated with notify) and it is ok.

the SERVER (not dedicated!) also sets the float value to the morph ONCE.

The clients work fine - morph is set, mesh changes to morph target.

The server however is going into a state of “flickering”: it looks like the morph is reset every other frame and then being set again. Like, lightning fast: smile, not smile, smile, not smile…

The float and the morph definitely only get set once on the server, too.

Does anyone have any idea why this could happen? Does anyone successfully replicate morphs and can give me some help?

Hey! Did you ever find a solution for this issue? We have an almost identical issue when running on PIE and on the target device- Oculus Quest.