Morph Target vert count incorrect

Importing a character with blendshape on his head mesh. Mesh previewer says the vert count for my shapes is about 18,000 verts (that’s an average, each one is slightly different of course). Thing is, the head mesh only has 2700 verts in Maya. Is this a display error or is Unreal doing something very bad on import? In the past these numbers were really small. I always took the vert count to mean the number of verts moving in that particular morph, or is it supposed to mean something else?

Hey Spectral Ink,

I haven’t seen this with any of the morph target meshes that I’m working with. Can you tell me what the vert count says for your mesh in UE4? You can see this by going to Show>Display Info and choose Basic or Detailed.

Does this happen with any other content or just this one mesh?


total vert count is much higher obviously, but is shows three chuncks - one at 6064, one at 30392, and one at 10500. The largest chuck is probably the upper torso since it’s skinned to the most joints. Says the belndshapes are around 17,000 verts.

Hey Spectral Ink,

Would you be willing to send me your mesh? I still don’t see this with multiple different models that we use internally.

You can PM me a download link on the forums.


might be a violation of nda’s. I’ll have to bounce it off my supervisors.

This could be a Maya problem only, I experienced a range of similar things after exporting to UE4:

  • vert count beyond what they should be
  • vert count encompassing the entire mesh
  • vert counts the same for all morph targets

In Maya you’ll need to delete all assets you’re not using for this export, clean up your scene! Then go to File > Optimize Scene Size > Click the square options box to set its settings:

And that did it for me a rare occasion where this tool actually does something useful. It seems there’s some kind of backlog of corrupt node data not fully being deleted but hidden from the node editor and this function finds them under the rug and nukes their ■■■.

I’ve also run into errors using regular export, so I always use the GameExporter for anything rig or animation related.