Morph target render flickering!


I have two objects with morph targets, a sphere and a plane, the plane is flickering for some reason. Any ideas?

GIF animation below:

Hi, I was stuck on this for ages with working with Blender 2,81, morph targets exporting to FBX. Importing to Unreal you need to turn on importing morph targets (this is covered with alot of tutorial docs, youtube etc.) and I had the same flickering, It was due to the bounds being created by Unreal, I unchecked ‘Create Physics Asset’. It is to do with culling, but I am not sure where the full issue is. Hope this helps.

I had some issues with that and could fix it by setting Skeletal Mesh/ Normal Import Settings to Import Normals (instead of Import Normals and Tangents).
If the Issue remains, go to Project Settings/Engine-RenderingOverides/Miscellaneous and set “Force all skinned Meshes to recompute tangents” to true.