Morph retarget as for skeletons.. Actor/Character hierarchy

I am trying to FBX import some characters from Blender, made with MB-Lab (will post a workflow when it’s working). However I run in to several problems…

When in Blender i can generate a character and export FBX (this part works fine, and I get heap of skeleton bones) , after i finalize i also get the option to export morphs - however when I do this the skeleton is corrupted - and then it gets worse, as i also try to import a Animations from Mixamo. (as shown in this UR4 tutorial Skeleton Assets: Anim Retargeting Different Skeletons | 03 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube). Importing this will give me a less detailed skeleton (and no morphs).

The issue regarding skeleton/animation can be solved via skeleton retargeting, and then making the future FBX imports refer to the correct skeleton.

However - the imported where i get the morphs correct holds only one bone! So i have these tree skeleton/mesh variations:

  • S1 - the original detailed skeleton -
    without morphs, without animations
    (unless skeleton retargeting)
  • S2 - a less detailed skeleton - without morphs, but able to animate, when skeleton is retargetr
  • S3 - one boned skeleton - and morphs

The mesh is the same 1:1 for all…

As the mesh is the same I really wanted an option to “merge” these together - or perhaps there is clever option to link/retarget the morphs from one 1:1 mesh to the other?

I wonder if Would it be possible to do this by mix these into an object hierarchy building on ‘Actor’, so S3 is a child of Actor (character or whatever object class is normally used), S2 will be child of S3 and then S1…

In this way any new S1/S2-Instance should inherit the morphs from S3, but it will overwrite with the advanced skeleton. As S1, S2 and S3 have the same basic mesh as the others, i see no reason why the morphs should not work for all of them?

(an alternative would be to import all tree into Blender and then cut/paste them together… but I am not sure that i have the Blender skills to do that - and a lot could go wrong…)

Just wanted to x-link to a tool that could possibly help out.
Seamless Blender To Unreal 4 (FBX Export).