More Object or Bigger Maps ?


I have on question about exporting objects to UE4
If I have an object that is divided into many parts (Bed).
Is it better to attach all the model and export it ? or doing by parts then on Unreal I dont have to use big LightMaps therefore it render faster, with less noise.
So is it better to have more objects with smaller light maps or attach as much as possible and bigger maps (1028,2048)
What it will be the best pipeline ?
Please let me know…:slight_smile:

for what? game? archiviz?

game - as 1-2 pieces (like bed and matrasses)

for archiviz (if you have a hi-end hardware) and in you scene not a 10000 beds at once - i would go for smaller pieces for more sharper shadows )

For performance use as few objects as possible. Props work very well for that type of thing, so something like a bed should be one object. If you do good lightmap UV’s you can get your lightmap resolution lower too.