More game instance


how can i add more game instance’s in my project?

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Are you trying to add additional maps/levels into your project? If so, please go to: File > New Level > Choose either ‘default’ or ‘empty level’. Once you’ve done that, you can then begin to build your new level within your project.

If this is not what you were referring to, please provide me a bit more details so I can assist you further.

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i talking about this but i use blueprint.

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i can only one instance class i will use more of these classes
if i make more classes and i cast from de instance class that is selected in project settings will game remember that variable when i go to another level?


as far as I know there can only be a single GameInstance at once (therefore called a “Singleton”) that can be accessed by any Object/Actor with a UWorld Context. Therefore I do not think you can get multiple GameInstances (at least not without changing the Engine’s source to a heavy degree).
EDIT: The GameInstance is also persistent between levels and keeps data so you cannot change the class of the GameInstance (if you’re talking about that)

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Sorry for misunderstanding you yesterday. You can add multiple game instances however, you can only work with one at a time. As stated, they can be accessed by another object or actor with the UWorld context. I wasn’t able to find a more detailed document for the game instance, other than the one you linked to me.

Let us know if you have any further questions, cheers!

how can i add the second one ?

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