More detail on PC AppCompat Buckets

Hi there,

I’m currently looking into AppCompat system to get our game to run on lower spec machines.

According to the documentation here:

AppCompat is used to override various
SystemSettings based on objective and
empirical evidence gathered at
startup. When app compatibility is
enabled (PC only), the system measures
machine capability, and then
overwrites the Engine.ini values with
preset values from one of 5 “buckets”.
See BaseCompat.ini in the
Engine\Config\ folder for an example
of this usage.

After looking at the BaseCompat.ini, I have an understanding how the system works, However I have no idea how to actually define the system setting buckets.

Currently I cannot find an example in any of the provided engine ini’s, nor find any reference to the CPUScore, CPUSpeed, Etc In the source code. Not to mention it seems like there is only those four paragraphs which make any mention of the system AT ALL.

In UE3 there was: [SystemSettingsBucketX] in DefaultSystemSettings.ini.

Does this work the same or is it completely different?

So in summary: Does this work, and could anyone (or EPIC) provide more detail/an actual working example?


We just release this video and the slides that come with it:

That should explain it at the high level. There is code to compute the right settings from the GPU and CPU SynthBenchmark (look in Scalability.cpp).
Ask if you have more questions.

That was very handy!

Cheers for that. :slight_smile: