Moons of Madness

Hi everyone,

obviously totally new here but I thought I’ll create a thread about the game we are currently working on. Also, hi!
In a nutshell theme wise Moons of Madness is “The Martian meets Lovecraft” where hard science goes up against psychological horror. Mechanics wise we have quite a few unique/new mechanics (we think) but it’s *roughly *in the realm of Firewatch meets Soma for lack of actual comparison.

We have been working with Unity for many years and have now switched to Unreal for the first time, which is not necessarily an easy task.

So with this thread I plan to write not only about the game itself but also about the struggles and solutions that we came up with on a daily basis. Tools we make etc.
There is also a proper blog post on the Game’s website soon about the switch from Unity to Unreal and the reasons behind it.

Anyway, without further ado here are some screens for you. We are currently working on a new teaser and are finishing up the Vertical Slice that we will be bringing to Game Connection and GDC in San Francisco by they end of the month (maybe we see some of you there?)


Feedback and questions or comments are of course very welcome :slight_smile:

We just wrote a bit on the Lovecraft influence on the game on our blog in case someone is interested.

Additionally we are currently working on a custom made shader to create tire traces for the time you drive this Rover around On Mars :slight_smile:

As mentioned, this is the custom shader we are using for tracking the traces of the rover in the sandy landscape on Mars.

The tire tracks are drawn into a separate texture that is used in the terrain shader to modify normals and vertex displacement dynamically :slight_smile:

Wow, the art here looks absolutely incredible. Fantastic!

Hey there higuy (I realize the irony of that sentence…) and thanks! We’ve been in general pushing graphics with Unity so now we wanna see how far we can take it realism and graphics wise with Unreal. It has been challenging but super rewarding as well, so far :slight_smile:
We do have teasers but since we are polishing graphics and the look and feel for the Vertical Slice I didn’t link any of the old stuff. I will absolutely link the new teaser once it’s ready for a better look at the graphics and gameplay :slight_smile:

We just updated our Website with a new blog post about the challenges to try to Design a Rover that would work 40 years from now (and can be used by the player)

and with that, also some new screenshots :slight_smile:

Game looks really awesome. I love the tire tracks!

Again, curious. What software are you using for your website? AS in, what CMS?

Thanks a lot! Really appreciate the compliment :slight_smile:
We are using Wordpress for the site. Hosted on our own server.

A bit of an update. Here is an older part of the Vertical Slice we are working on:

Great art ! Subscribed :wink:

Hey Macoll, thanks! Very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Here is a quick shot by shot of the scanning process. After all it never hurts to have a bit more information, right?
The Scanner not only gives you additional information about objects, you can also remotely connect to machinery that you might not be able to access otherwise (in most cases, anyway) or detect more hidden objects.


Looks amazing, excellent production quality and attention to detail.

And IMHO, scientific rigor is appreciated :wink: Though obviously when we’re talking Lovecraft, I expect to suspend my disbelief a great deal… but help the player believe the familiar stuff, so that when things start to get unexplainable, it contrasts all that much more strongly.

Looking forward to seeing more!

That’s pretty much what we counting on. I don’t think there are many, if any games at all, that mix Lovecraft with hard science instad of sci-fi. It makes for a really harsh clash. We also hope it will add to the immersion so players can actually imagine being there. With that said - there is a screenshot that is much more Lovecraft-ish :wink:

Wow, looks amazing.

Nice work, I love the art. Looking forward to seeing more of this! =)

Thank you guys so much for all the comments. They are really appreciated and encouraging (which we can really use for working on our first Unreal project) :slight_smile:
We are currently adding the last touches to our Vertical Slice to send to potential co-funding partners (fingers crossed).
Hopefully we can share some more trailer material with you soon :slight_smile:

In the meantime some more 3D concepts for the interior of the Base Station

Having some desk envy over here :slight_smile: Really great looking models and environments. Good luck with your funding, you guys are doing some super cool work!

haha ikr - I am pushing for a pool table addon for the kitchen table btw :smiley:
We just have to make sure we don’t take it too much into sci-fi territory. After all it’s supposed to be around 50 years from now and not in the distant future. It’s really easy to get carried away with the concepts.

Ninja concepts skillz men!

Super impressed with the visuals for this! You have some very talented artists on your team!

The track prints in the sand is pretty much witchcraft!

I will be keeping watch of this project.