Montage with Animation blueprint linking

using Animation Blueprint linking, is it possible to play anim montage ?
I tried may ways but all i can get it to do is swap a piece of animgraph nothing else.

The bottom exemple from fortnite seems to imply you can swap attack animation for different weapons with this, and from what i know, fortnite used Montage for anim, unless it is no longer the case ?

Anyone got any experience on it ? i couldn’'t find much tutorial or video about it.

I do have the same issue. The slot for the montage seems to be ignored and in the end the montage is not playing. Did you find a solution for this issue?

It seems to be that this is not yet supported by the Engine… , the changes are from 2018 and were never merged into the development branch.

Yes it was really the issue, this feature is not yet implemented! With the help of the pull request above I was able to get montages for slots that are present in linked anim layers working.

In case anyone reads this please give a thumbs in I try now to get this feature into UE5. :grin:

Does anyone know if this is fixed in Unreal 5.1? I can’t get mine working yet.

I know it’s late but for anyone still looking for this, check this box in linked layer animblueprint Class Defaults:

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