monocular shader for VR

I’m creating a scene where the player should be able to look through a high power monocular (binocular with one lens set)
Initially i thought about using a RT camera to create a shader using this, however RT tanks framerate in VR.
Therefore i was wondering, would it be possible to create the effect of this in a shader, with the result not only “looking” kind of like a monocular, but can actually be used to view distant objects with.

Therefore i was wondering, since there’s a few scoped rifles in Unreal Tournament and in many many more games running on Unreal, are there any “proper” methods of creating a monocular/scope shader?

In most games this is typically done by reducing the FOV. This does have the ugly side effect of also zooming outside of the scope, something that shouldn’t happen. There are very few games where a zoomed view is actually seen through a scope, with the rest of the world remaining unzoomed, since it usually hits the framerate pretty hard.