moire effect on "non standard size" textures

Hello, I have a “flickering” effect on some textures.

After some research I found out that this is called “moire effect” and that can be fixed by placing “standard size textures” and enabling mip gen setting.
The only problem is that I cannot deform the textures, because they are some print designs and they all have various size, and so I can’t enable (as far as I know) the mip from texture group.

You can see the problem here

Is there any workaround?


You need mips. No exceptions.

As I was suspecting…
But then, is there a way to import a texture with mips (for example one texture created with the NVIDIA Textures Tools)? Because whenever I try to import a texture the engine will show me just 1 mip and it can’t be changed.

Are your textures size a power of two? You need that in order to get Unreal to build mipmaps for you.

Otherwise, if you have built mipmaps manually in a .dds file, you should search how to import that in Unreal.

Your texture has to be a power of 2, NO EXCEPTIONS