Modular Wooden Prop Pack [Submitted]


You might have seen my Modular Wooden Prop Pack submission on the Marketplace Trello board, just want to add some updated information here about the pack.

Thanks so much for those who have expressed interest and giving their vote! If you are interested in this pack please vote here

About the pack:

A collection of 24 highly versatile wooden module, 8 wooden props and 15 basic wooden parts. All asset are using one 1024x1024 hand painted stylized texture. The goal is to let user to setup small makeshift wooden environment as easy as possible.

The wooden modules are tilable which can snap together by using 10cm grid in UE4 editor. You can create a huge variety of wooden structure very easily with these modules. They are particularly useful to create makeshift wooden structure, for example a base camp in open world survivor game.

All meshes have a second UV set dedicated for lightmap usage. Also there is a second LOD for most meshes except the metal basic parts which have low poly count by default.

A sample scene is included in the pack to demonstrate the usage of all asset.

Pack Summary
-24 wooden modules
-8 wooden props
-15 basic wooden parts
-1 1024x1024 texture (color, spec and normal map)
-1 sample scene

Poly count information: LOD0 (LOD1) in Tris

Fence: 332 (168)
Ladder: 152 (120)
Railing Inner Short: 60 (44)
Railing Inner Long: 60 (44)
Railing Stair Left: 80 (64)
Railing Stair Right: 80 (64)
Railing Corner: 172 (132)
Railing Enclosed: 248 (192)
Railing Standalone: 100 (76)
Railing Tilable: 80 (64)
Scaffolding Basic: 80 (48)
Scaffolding Filler: 72 (40)
Scaffolding Short: 144 (80)
Scaffolding Tall: 176 (144)
Stair: 216 (136)
Support Corner Short: 40 (32)
Support Corner Tall: 40 (32)
Support Short: 40 (32)
Support Tall: 40 (32)
Walkway Set: 364 (188)
Walkway 01: 252 (108)
Walkway 02: 284 (124)
Wall Tall 01: 264 (120)
Wall Tall 02: 236 (108)

Chair: 300 (132)
Crate Big: 929 (534)
Crate Small: 568 (240)
Storage Rack Big: 876 (364)
Storage Rack Medium: 648 (286)
Storage Rack Small: 296 (132)
Pallete: 392 (152)
Table: 360 (154)

Basic Parts
Plank 01: 40 (20)
Plank 02: 40 (20)
Plank 03: 44 (20)
Plank 04: 44 (20)
Plank Cracked 01: 44 (32)
Plank Cracked 02: 40 (28)
Beam 01: 52 (20)
Beam 02: 60 (20)
Beam 03: 52 (20)


All assets in content browser:




Some shots from the sample base camp which is created with the modules and props:





This looks very cool. But why does it appear to be on the Trello twice?

Hi, thanks. What happen is that I re-submitted my pack on request to add some modular assets to the original submission, and I use a new project name since it contain more modular asset. However the old submission ‘Handpaint Wooden Prop Pack’ remain there, I have requested Epic team to remove it to avoid confusion.

very nice.

Oooh, looks lovely, definitely +1

ooh this looks nice, good job man

Thanks guys!

Looks good. I think what would come in handy if you can distribute a material that involves vertex painting. So that you could e.g. add an moss layer with vertex painting so that there is some more variation.

That is a really good suggestion, it will definitely help to improve the variation and looks of the assets.

However my pack will be released on marketplace very soon, I can try my best to produce a worn out/mossy material for vertex paint and include it in the initial release. Otherwise it is possible to distribute through future updates.


I have now added a vertex blend material into the pack, so you can paint moss layer on the assets very easily by using the vertex paint tool in UE4.


To use the vertex paint tool, hit the paint tab in ‘Modes’ windows in the editor. Change paint mode to ‘Blend Weights’, set ‘Paint texture’ to 2, and set ‘Erase texture’ to 1. Select any mesh from the pack that have placed in the scene and start painting, hold Shift to revert.


There is also a basic material without blend layers in the pack for more optimized setup.

Great set! Good presentation as well. I hope it does well on the marketplace.

Thanks Tom, I hope someone will find this set very useful to them!

Can you provide a download link?This seems to be very useful for me.

Hi Sunboy,

Thanks for your interest! The pack will be available on the marketplace very soon.

How much will this cost when available and when do you think it will be available ?

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your interest!

The selling price for this pack is $20, and it will be available on the marketplace within the next 1~2 weeks.

nice pack

Thanks RedEyes!

Feel free to ask if you have any question about the pack.


The Modular Wooden Prop Pack has been released on the Marketplace!

Check it out if you are interested and I hope it will be really useful for your projects!

Please let me know if you have any question or feedback regarding the pack.


Thanks for making this pack, ive been searching for something like this for a while now and this is exactly what i wanted for my project, i just noticed it on marketplace and bought it straight away :slight_smile: