Modular stylized campfire asset

Hey there everyone, so I’ve been working on a stylized project, and I came across an asset on my to-build list that I noticed wasn’t widely available on the marketplace; a modular, stylized campfire asset.

What I have in mind to add is a collection of meshes that include small rocks, twigs and chopped pieces of wood, and ashes, as well as particles for fire, smoke, sparks and ash, all created within a stylized aesthetic, while still taking advantage of UE4’s awesome PBR shader system.

There’d be a blueprint that hones all this together, with a fair few options to control size, shape, placement, and number of meshes, as well as an option to procedurally shape/place these objects, so that no two campfires look identical. The blueprint would also have some very basic scripting to control activating the campfire so that it lights up when a button is pressed, though an event could very easily replace that so that integration into a project would be quick and easy.

Some stylized fires I’ve worked on in the past:

Let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions/requests/questions/complaints.

Happy Holidays!

Can’t wait to see it!