Modular SciFi Hallways 2.0 FREE content update!

Greetings all! Due to the tremendous support for the first installment in the Modular SciFi series, I have been working the past couple of weeks on a FREE update to the first pack which will add 17 new meshes including new floors, doorways, vents, windows and more. 2.0 will also include two more example environments dedicated to showing off the new assets, and a texture detail overhaul for prior and newly created assets. All new assets adhere to the same physical and material color/pbr modularity of the original pack.

I am still hard at work on the next few packs in the series, but wanted to take some time to show my appreciation for the support you have given this pack. This update will be made completely FREE for those who have already purchased Modular SciFi: Hallways, and will be included with every new purchase. I have sent the files to Epic today, so it shouldn’t be long before they are live on the marketplace servers. Thanks again for your support, and I look forward to providing you with more high quality packs and updates in the future!

Here are some of the new screenshots for the update -


Great. Not only the meshes, the materials have very good results too :slight_smile:

Thanks BrUn0. Some of the feedback for the first pack included more detailed textures, so I wanted to make sure that the first pack was consistent with subsequent packs which take those suggestions into account. =)

A great package got even better, good job :slight_smile:

Thanks Bardic. Your words humble me. =)

This is nice to know. I’ve been teetering on the edge of purchasing it for awhile.

Man this is some really nicely done work! Keep it up and hope to see more from you.

Thank you for your interest in the pack Alaan. =)

Thanks Maximum-Dev! I definitely have more in the works, and can’t wait to show it. =)

I’ve been itching to get this pack, this has just won me over.

Just mind-blowing fantastic, great work!

Happy to hear that FRAG! Thanks for your kind words. =)

I don’t have the pack, but the free update have made a really good impression for me! I will definitely mark you in my memory as nice publisher! Nice policy!

Thanks Sarfios, that’s kind of you to say. =)

Hey all! Just a quick update, I haven’t heard back from Epic yet. I sent it to them on Monday but today came across some collisions that didn’t import properly in the new update so will be sending that fix to them. I was told it would take about a day to get the update live, but on the bright side it didn’t go live with the collision error on this one piece. Hopefully after I send in this fix 2.0 going live will be soon to follow. Thank you for your patience. =)

majorly impressive work.

Thank you Arbopa. =)

  • 1 second that. Hope to buy something from your store in the future!

Thank you Franktech, that means a lot to me. =)

Also if some of you who have purchased already can take a moment to rate the package here it would be greatly appreciated!

Went ahead and updated the first post with new images. I was playing around with the example level for the past few days showing to show off the assets of an upcoming pack and really liked the results. Since Epic still hasn’t had a chance to update the files due to GDC, I figured I’d update this pack with that new look before they get a chance. Should be live later this week/early next. =)

Looks so good!

Thanks Hospina! =)