Modular SciFi Hallways 2.0 FREE content update!

The update is finally live! Download and enjoy! And also please take a moment if you can to rate/comment on the web marketplace. Be careful too because I think it still may be glitchy. I will be announcing the next pack shortly as well, so keep an eye out. =)

Hmmm cant seem to update it. I removed the other install and went to download the update but the launcher just has “Syncing” and been that way since last night. Just gonna keep checking I suppose.

SE_JonF, Awesome work buddy!!! Really impressive hallway and the attention to detail… bella! Great stuff bud and can’t wait to see more!!! :smiley:

Hey MC Stryker, thanks! Glad you like it. More on the way, I will be announcing the next entry soon. Going to be launching an official site where people can see updates, buy previous packs, get announcements, giveaways and more. =)

@darktrooper - Hey I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. =( Jon Jones said yesterday that there was an issue they were working on that prevented people from updating. Let me know if you still have trouble by the end of today and I will contact him about it.

That sounds great! Really looking forward to your update Jon and seeing what you do next :smiley:

Yea it still says Syncing so I don’t know whats going on with it. I thought it was connection issues o my end here in West Texas but everything else seems to be fine. The launcher just doesn’t want me to reload your stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry my fellow Texan, we will get you sorted out. =) I sent an email to the marketplace support about this. I’ll let you know what they say.

Hi all! We’ve gotten a few reports of this issue affecting some packs, and the team is tracking down the source of the issue right now. Is this happening to anyone else?

If anyone is having this problem, please follow the directions at this link:

And send those debug logs to This will help us fix it faster.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and we’re working hard to fix this ASAP.

Thanks Jon! Glad to see this is being worked on. =)

I love this stuff (and bought it). However one of the biggest problems I am having is that its fairly hard to construct levels with it. I.e. know what pieces to put where and getting them snapping together. Is there something I am missing or thats just the case with the detail that exists in this package? Would want to build large custom levels using your packages just seems incredible time consuming (for a modular package). As stated I might be missing something. Thoughts?

Again freaking awesome high end work

Hey MrMrC, glad you like the pack! The example levels should give you an idea of where to put the individual pieces, whether its architectural or props such as pipes. The architectural pieces all adhere to the 10cm grid, so everything will snap together nicely and fit without any issues. Some pieces such as pipes, or lights due to their nature are better suited to the 1cm grid. Constructing cooridors with this pack is designed to be straightforward and relatively simple. Have you checked out any of the example levels yet? They should be valuable in determining what goes where. Let me know if you have any more questions and I’d be happy to help. =)

Yep does make sense. Once I get back into building again I might ping you. Some awesome stuff.


Thanks, glad to hear. Feel free to contact me at any time. Shoot me a message on the forums, or directly to the support email. =)

Where can i download it?
Is that ready to use?
Also nice models i really like it!

Hey there Kitsune, glad you like it! It certainly is ready to use, and comes with several example environments. =) You can purchase the pack here. Since this update, I’ve also released another free content expansion last month. The second installment in the series was released alongside it, you can check that out here. =)