Modular Scifi Experiment/ Medical Lab


Hi all, Scifi Modular Experiment/ Medical Facility is released on Marketplace, please visit for the assets and information! Thanks everyone for the support


Latest Progress

add the 360 image of the environment over facebook, Facebook compress the image into low quality, apologize for that…27677527440603

I call this finish, Add 6 decal, add new screen image for those console screen,1 smoke particle, and adjust the overall lighthing on the scene, add an medium size room,and fix material texture problem, fix the postprocessing, now gonna move on make an promo video for it

Adding an Small Medical Room and Corridor with interior

Exterior Mesh Update with room extension
Latest props added into level

Large Console with separate screen

Medical Bed with some variation[/CENTER]

Some closeup shot

4 small props for the pack

Scifi Crates with animation

Current Planning[/CENTER]
Make an promo video for the environment

(Heavy Image) For highres shot please visit here ->

Currently finish all the interior, still need fix the exterior and adding some decal to make this scene look more pretty, now this pack has 59 static mesh, 35 instance Mat and 107 texture

Now this pack have 37 static mesh and 4 animated Mesh, and 27 Instance Mat and 84 texture. The scene now is 70 percent finish

Currently the scene have 26 static mesh and 3 animated mesh, 22 Instance Material and 65 texture

Thanks for the support and hope your guy have a nice day!

Looking good :slight_smile:

Far from finished but it looks cool, keep up! :wink:

Thanks for the kind word :slight_smile:

progress is abit slow but definitely will try to finish this one :), and thanks for the kind replies :slight_smile:

Just finish the Highpoly of the crates, will proceed to low poly next :slight_smile:

Hi guy, just finish the texture for the Scifi Crate

The scifi Crate with the animation

Looking great overall. Those symbols are really reminiscent of the Unown pokemon.

thanks man,

btw not a big fans of pokemon, so have no clue how the pokemon do look like (My mother might know it better cause she still catching pokemon around)

Just finish 4 small props to add in the pack


I’m not sure what the pokemon are based off of.

Your symbols have a good aesthetic at any rate. Could be human, or could be alien, depending on the needs of the game designer.

Looking good. Nice crate animations. :slight_smile:

the symbol you show look cute, some of the second line symbol look like an duck :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not that good in animation though, thanks for the kind word

Just finish Highpoly of the Scifi Medical Bed, it will come with 2 additional part for the varation

I agree, the crate animations are cool! Keep up the good work. =)

Thanks @SE_JonF, I still feel very uncomfortable while making the animation thou

btw want to let you know you the one who inspirng me start selling assets in Marketplace, but I still got long way to go

Just finish the Scifi medical bed, it come with few different add-on part for varation

It looks good. =)

That is humbling to hear, best of luck with your marketplace development! =D