Modular Pawn System (Blueprints)

** Modular Pawn System** in Blueprints.


With the Modular Pawn System (Blueprints) you can easily integrate this character customization into your project.

Modify how many slots you need dynamically and hassle free, as well as bind stats to each piece of equipment if you require.

The possibilities are endless, comes with a dynamically generated UI and HUD elements. Also works with Mulitplayer!


  • Easily integrates into projects!
  • Add & Remove Slots Dynamically
  • Fully Customizable Equipment Stats
  • Ability to lock / unlock equipment
  • Dynamic UI (Based on your slots)
  • Works on Mulitplayer, Everything updates on both Clients and Server!
  • Fully Customizable Modular Pawn System

Modular Pawn System (Tutorial Showcase)

Modular Pawn System (Custom Content Showcase)

If there’s any more features you might like let me know.

Giblets!!! Make it easy to shoot the limbs and caps off ;D

Props would be good too?

I’ll look into it, I’ve always wanted to work on a Gore System!

I plan on adding a weapon slot to the system, Ill make sure to add a a couple finished props!

I’d buy this if it was also easily adaptable to armor/clothing/gear rather than just weapon slots. I would be swapping wearable clothing rather than body parts.

Hey Zooch,

That’s why I’m developing this system. It’s made for players to swap out different clothing, armor etc. In the video I’m not just changing the color, I’m actually swapping it with a whole new mesh.
Also it won’t be limited to the Head, Chest and Legs slot, you have the control to add or remove as you see fit.

Ahh okay, sorry I misunderstood the concept. I thought you were only swapping actual body parts :smiley:

Well then I’ll have to take a closer look when it hits the marketplace! Definitely something I could make use of.

Updated the description & added the ability to bind stats to the equipment. I’ll be working on an easy way to handle inventory

Would this work as an Hitman-type disguise blueprint, or is this more for RPG armour upgrades?

My system can be configured as you like, even as the “Hitman Disguise System”.

Essentially what you could do is reduce the amount of slots to 2. So your mesh would consist of a **head **and **body skeletal mesh. ** Then you can setup different clothing for the body, then masks & hats for the head.

you really need to update the video, I was watching the video and wondering the same thing until i stumble upon this thread.
I though the red means highlighted body parts NOT mesh changed etc
I imagine most people would just fast forward youtube video like me (and not listening to audio)

Updated the video showcasing what you can do with custom content in the Modular Pawn System.


I’m in the process of getting everything ready for submission to the marketplace. In the meantime, I’ve finished the tutorials on integrating and customizing the modular pawn.
You can find the playlist here

How does this work with animations?

Could I easily implement the free animations from the marketplace for example?

Yes you could. Animations can be re-targeted like a normal skeletal mesh, just as long as the skeletal mesh has somewhat the same hierarchy.

When you’re creating content for any modular pawn one skeletal mesh must contain all the bones of the skeleton, then all the other parts only need the bones skinned to the mesh.

Essentially the Master has all the bones and plays the animations, and the children follow.

add scaling of the different meshes… so I can have long legs and short body and a fat head etc :smiley:

entry has been submitted to the marketplace!

NICE! Let us know how it goes! I would love to buy this system.

When it’s about to hit the marketplace I will let everyone know in advanced.

I have received great feedback from our new marketplace curator Jon Jones. As of right now I will be making some changes to the system as well as new additions.

Here’s a list of what I’m working on to keep everyone up to date and informed.


-Change the name of the marketplace item to “Character Equipment System”.
-Adjust variable names & blueprint comments accordingly to the new name changes.


-Make three sets of gear in maya to better showcase the system (head, torso & legs) (basic programmer art only).
-Rig & weight paint new content to Epics rig.


-Modify the layout of the Character Equipment Screen
-Change the name of the menu to Character Equipment
-Add Thumbnails to the slots and each equipment
-Separate the inventory and the Character Equipment Screens.

-Multiple menus layouts & functions for various project needs.


-Introduction video, showcases the overall potential of the marketplace item. (Short & Sweet)
-Updated video tutorial on the process to implement the “Character Equipment System” into your project.
-Updated video tutorial on Equipment Management ( Adding & Removing )
-Updated video tutorial on Equipment Stats (Adding New Stats & Removing Stats)
-New video about workflows and content creation for the “Character Equipment System”
-Optional videos on creative ways to use the system in different game types.


-Better shots of the system in action. Details about the image and what’s being displayed to the user.

@Mugoo: Sounds good … this is definitely one on the radar for me. I am learning tons from dissecting packs like these. Thanks for the efforts. 8-}