Modular Pawn System (Blueprints)

Hi Mugoo.

Very nice Modular Pawn System. The addition of a interface to a GUI is an excellent feature. There are several modular pawn/character customization systems (1,2,3) in development, each with its own cool features.

However, I believe the factor that will add significant value for the community is… Asset Supply. The UE4 Modular System with a continuous supply of a ready-to-use interchangeable Parts, will establish The Standard. Have you considered collaborating with Artists to supply the system with modular interchangeable assets?

Thanks, I’m glad this is of interest!

Assets are indeed add great value to the system. I do have future plans to make content to support it, once my blueprint is released I will be revealing my further plans for content.

Hi Mugoo, your modular pawn system looks really nice and i hope you will release it on marketplace soon. Is it still alive? Is there any chance that i can make my scifi soldiers compatible with your system?

Any news. This seems to be very interesting. I’d love to see it in my game. But seems that this was sent some time ago and still, nothing!

With a such weapon equip system, this will be a complete system in any game.

I’ve had to postpone the project since at the end of January.

Thursday June 4th I will be resuming work on the project, I imagine there will be lots of work updating the current build in 4.6 to 4.7 / 4.8.

Goal is for the end of June to be ready for submission.

I was wondering what happened to this. Best of luck :slight_smile:

Excellent to hear!

Great news!

Is it death? I think so.

Ive no need anymore of this, make one by my self.

(Pokes thread) Is it still alive? Wonder what happened?