Modular Mortar C++ Plugin

Modular Mortar C++ Plugin [HR][/HR]Mortar Plugin allows creating Mortar Gun with basic functionalities like firing as quickly as possible. This plugin is developed mainly using C++ which handles most of the functionality and neatly exposes features to blueprint to avoid creating complex code in blueprints. Users can easily add particle effects, sound effects. This plugin also contains a proper Health Damage system which can be added to any other actor also. Users can then just drag and drop the mortar into the game which then will be ready to shoot.
ScreenShot00001.jpg Features:

  • Modular Pawn which contains all the components and allows setting up own meshes.
  • Mortar Projectiles allows us to set up particles, sound. Allows specifying your own Projectiles actor also.
  • Allows to set up audio for spawning projectile or for hitting a surface.
  • Team System Present to allow having a team for each Mortar that can also be added to any actor.
  • Proper Health Damage system which can also be added to any actor.
  • Behavior Tree Tasks for shooting in C++.
  • Many Parameters including Rotation speed, Elevation speed, Elevation Min Max angle, firing speed, reload speed and many more present to change behavior as needed.
  • Everything properly documented.

Project Overview:

Documentation -

Video Playlist:…4qnWhUF0TKK-jD

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In-Game Overview](

Change Log Version 2: [HR][/HR]

  • Better Mortar Meshes Included
  • More Projectiles
  • Niagara Effects Support(Also Contains Niagara effects in the plugin)
  • Bug Fixed related to shooting nearby objects
  • More Audio Support
  • More than 1 Projectile spawning support.
  • Better Materials.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

In-Game Overview](

Glad to inform The Plugin now is published and is live on Market Place. :slight_smile:

Grab it Here [HR][/HR]

Plugin Content
[HR][/HR]Also Contains a sample mesh for Mortar along with Projectile mesh for demonstration purposes

Mortar/Turret Main Blueprint. Contains Parameters for configuration. [HR][/HR]

Mortar Components. [HR][/HR]aiming.jpg

**Mortar/Turret Team Switching ** [HR][/HR]

Currently no multiplayer support. Will add support based on responses :slight_smile:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Is the price too high or quality is not up to the mark? Anything related to the plugin I will like to hear.

Turret C++ Plugin Version 2 Update [HR][/HR]New Version For Mortar Unreal Engine 4 C++ Plugin. The Plugin has many bug fixes, improvements, better meshes, advanced materials, and also supports Niagara effects Your Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


New Meshes For Turrets and Projectiles [HR][/HR]

Added Support for Niagara Effects [HR][/HR]

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