Modular Meshes Dirty Shadows

Hello! Currently I am importing some models I made in Blender. I made a wall that looked perfectly fine before building lighting. However, once I built the lighting, weird shadows appeared (Especially on the crown molding and trim of the wall). I would like to ask if someone could help me out.

Here is a picture. It is kinda hard to see, but if you look closely you can see the dirty shadows and seams.

Also, if you look down at the trim of the wall, thee are also some weird shadows there as well.

Here are my settings:

Lightmap Resolution = 256

(Light Source Settings):

(Skylight Settings):

  • Intensity Scale: 0.25
  • Cast Shadows: False
  • Indirect lighting intensity 1.0
  • Cast static shadows: True
  • Cast Dynamic shadows: True
  • Cast Deep Shadow: true

If you need anymore information please let me know! :slight_smile:

Skylight might need to have “Cast Shadows” set true to function with Cast Static Shadows - True and Cast Dynamic Shadows - True. Deep Shadows are not going to render because they’re for the Far Shadow cascade, which is disabled in the directional light…at least they’ll hypothetically not render because of it. Only channel 0 in Lighting Channels is enabled, which means that if the lightmaps for those wall meshes were generated / imported and placed in Channel 1 (by default they usually are), then they’re not applied. Check that box for Lighting Channel 1. A couple things to adjust are Shadow Resolution Scale and Shadow Bias. Try increase the Shadow Res Scale by 1-3 to start, and for Shadow Bias, start by increasing it a little bit per change to see how it changes those shadow artifacts. Look for the artifacts to either start disappearing (at 0.05 change in Bias per tweak) or getting worse. If they get worse, then switch to decreasing from the default value (0.5) at a rate of 0.05-0.1 per tweak.

One more observation: the Indirect Lighting Intensity in the directional light is seemingly too low. The less indirect (bounce) lighting there is, the less lighting data Lightmass has to work with, so it could be partly a result of that. If it’s required for the scene to set it so low, then try increasing it somewhat and lowering the Intensity of the light (from 2.75 lux to lower)…if that’s applicable for the scene. Otherwise, changing the color of the material to a darker grey is another option to maintain a darker result.